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Sam Horowitz (b. Vermont, 1988) is a futurist, mad scientist, Assistant Professor, and Sculpture Area Head at Rowan University in New Jersey. Horowitz has exhibited in solo shows at the Society for Domestic Museology in the Bronx, Point of Contact Gallery in Syracuse, and the Art Space in Beacon, NY. He has participated in group shows throughout the US, and earned degrees from Alfred University (MFA, ‘20) and Bard College (BA, ‘10). Horowitz has held a number of artist residencies, including those at Salem Art Works (NY), on Governors Island (NYC),  and at Sloss Furnaces (AL), where he also served as Union Shop Steward. Since 2023, he teaches for RISD’s Continuing Education Department during the summer and winter sessions.

Within Horowitz’s studio work, concepts of geology, state change, and philosophy merge and conform to question perspective and identity. Horowitz finds a balance between fine craft and found texture, playing carefully worked surfaces against those weathered by processes biological, meteorological, and industrial alike. He replicates these processes in the studio, creating artifacts from a thousand years ago, today.

Rule-making is central to Horowitz’s practice; in order to allow intrinsic and native qualities of a given material to surface within a piece, he employs aleatoric and iterative processes. Through alchemical translation and community action, he presents possible futures, connects current trends, and fabricates past histories. These refractions are intended to provoke change within an audience, and to assist in communal becoming “with.” The relationships evoked are not limited to the sphere of the anthropos; other-than-human, interspecies relationships permeate the conception and construction of Horowitz’s work. The realization and observance of such communications paves fertile pathways for empathy and response-ability.

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