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I have worked on a number of projects with a variety of clients. These projects include commercial sculptural pieces, modular systems for dynamic film sets, house remodels, and custom furniture design and creation.  Private clients have included Michael Beitz, Brice Marden, Mika Rottenberg, and Liliana Porter.

Lacquered walnut and aluminum,  each 5' tall
3 works commissioned for luxury hotel in Scottsdale, AZ


All of these pieces were created for specific clients who wanted interesting, functional pieces in their living spaces. Works are made to order, and while no two builds are the same, certain aspects evolve and manifest through the linage. 

Custom Metalwork
I sculpted and cast these Fire Irons for a client wanting to propose with elegance and style. They are patinated bronze, with stainless steel hardware and walnut handles.

Renovation and Construction

I have worked on a number of house renovations and new builds, working with crews and on my own.

Studio Assistance and Employment